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We want people to have the very best options when it comes to their health and wellbeing. At Gate of Life Acupuncture we believe that health doesn't merely mean that you are pain-free. It rather describes a feeling of vitality, clarity of mind, and a feeling of comfort in one's own body. We aim to bring unparalleled service, comfort, and quality of care.


Brianna had always been interested in Chinese Philosophy and Health. It was only after reading a book about Chinese Herbal Medicine that she began to research where she could study more. She found Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. There she began on a five year course studying Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Western Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Practice. After two different internships at Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine, she wanted to delve deeper into study in China. She first went to work for Holland America Line as one of their Acupuncturists aboard their ships. This gave her an opportunity to work on people from all over the world, and to focus on getting results quickly for her patients onboard.


Brianna Teschner

A year later Brianna would move to Hang Zhou, China to study at Zhejiang University. She would have the opportunity to work in a hospital and studied Acupuncture, Tai Qi, and Mandarin Chinese. It was an amazingĀ  experience seeing large and impressive herbal pharmacies and the thousands of people getting acupuncture in a hospital setting on a daily basis. After a year she returned to Holland America Line to work in the Spa doing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. After this she became a resident of the Netherlands and lived there for a year before returning to the U.S.

Brianna moved back to her hometown in Gloucester, Virginia. After first considering opening a practice in a nearby city, she realized that Gloucester was in need of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gate of Life Acupuncture opened in the spring of 2017.