We are excited to announce we will be opening back up on

Monday, June 1, 2020 

We’ve made some changes due to COVID-19

We have had to cancel many appointments over the last couple of months, so needless to say we will need a little catch up time before our schedule looks normal again! We ask for your patience during the next months, as we will try our very best to accommodate everyone in getting their needed appointments. If your appointment has been cancelled during our closure, we will contact you to find a treatment time that works for you.

There are many changes in place to protect the health of our clientele. Here are some of the changes you will notice upon our reopening.

Appointments and Retail Purchase Scheduling

Our aim is to provide all “front desk services” outside of the clinic to minimize risk of exposure to our entrance and guests. We will still be offering retail purchases, and just ask that you give us a call to schedule a pick up time.

~ We are currently ONLY taking appointments via phone. The ability to book online has been temporarily paused.

~ For the coming months we would kindly ask that when you arrive for your scheduled appointment or retail purchase time you wait in your car or outside of the clinic until we call you in.

~ It is also recommended that you wear clothing that is loose fitting if possible so that drapes do not need to be used.

Safety Procedures

~ We will be wearing masks during operation of the clinic. We kindly ask that you wear a mask in the clinic.

~ When you arrive at the clinic we will be taking your temperature, and we are required to have you sign a quick consent of treatment. We will have a sanitizing station at the entrance for you to sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic.

Services Provided

We have temporarily removed all Facial Treatments and Tui Na from our menu. We will add these services back as soon as we can, but for the coming months Acupuncture will be the only service we provide. (Cupping may still be used within an Acupuncture Treatment, but not as a stand alone treatment.)

~ We sadly have to also suspend our post-treatment tea service at this time. We will however offer tea to go. Due to the extra intensive sterilization procedures, we ask that you promptly exit the clinic after your treatment to ensure we have ample time to properly sterilize before our next scheduled patient. Our goal, once again is to keep everyone safe and ensure our guests do not come into contact with each other.


We have had to change some of the interior at Gate of Life. We have tried to make it cozy, while reducing surfaces that need to be sanitized and we have switched out our cozy upholstered chairs with some other (hopefully also cozy!) chairs that can be sanitized. We can no longer use linens on our treatment tables. It was important to us to keep our clients warm during their treatments (except for all of you that like it cool- we know who you are!) We will have easy to sterilize vinyl covers on our treatment table bed warmers so you will be comfortable and safe!

We will require extra time between patients to fully sterilize the treatment rooms and front entrance area. Sadly, due to the extra sterilization and required time between patients, we ask that you make a prompt exit after your treatment. This will ensure we can schedule many of our patients that have gone without a treatment while we were closed, and still keep everyone safe.

Symptoms & Cancellations

We ask that if you have any flu-like symptoms to kindly stay home and let us know. If you have been in close proximity with someone who has had flu-like symptoms and/or Covid-19, we also ask that you reschedule your appointment. It is never a problem to reschedule your appointment, and we would like to remain optimistically cautious during this time.

We look forward to seeing you soon!